Any Other Business - 24/01

Gabriella Griffith

MEMBERS of the royal family are not usually flag bearers for global equality, given their lofty birth rights and all that, but it didn’t stop Prince Andrew from getting into the spirit of things in Davos yesterday evening. He tweeted: “Growth and countering inequality important themes at Davos this year. Meeting tempo high with great ideas to follow in coming months. AY.” The twittersphere reacted accordingly. “Time for a revolution?” replied one tweeter. “I love it when an unelected member of a feudal family tweets from a 5 star hotel preaching about ‘inequality’,” said another. “I think he meant “catering inequality” retorted another. Royal face plant?

AXIOM Capital chairman Tony Drury (the wordsmith behind City-based romantic thrillers Megan’s Game, The Deal and Cholesterol) has shared some exciting news with The Capitalist this week. Having already sold the film rights to Megan’s Game, Drury has made a deal with producer Shirani LeMercier (who has previously worked on Da Vinci Code and Black Hawk Down) to produce his latest release A Flash Of Lightning. “We could end up with two films,” the excited financier told us. But how does a City-ite like Drury find time to pen so many novels? “I do most of my writing between 5am and 10am,” he said. But where does he get his inspiration? “I write romantic thrillers – I get the thriller part from my time in the City, I remember the crooks and the bad guys, but as I tell my wife, when it comes to the romance, I make all that stuff up.”