Barclays’ boss says kids need coding skills for future jobs

Tim Wallace
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BRITAIN’S young people need different skills if they are to find work in the modern economy, Barclays’ chief said yesterday.

Antony Jenkins said other countries teach computer coding from an early age to prepare them for high tech work, unlike Britain.

“In the UK we have 1m young people not in employment, education, or training. We had 800,000 in 2004, so this is a product of structural changes in the labour market, an issue of demand for skills – it takes time to address those things,” Jenkins told Bloomberg TV in Davos.

“Every child in Estonia is taught coding in school and what that has created is one of the most advanced technologically oriented economies in the world.

That sort of forward thinking is what we need much more broadly if we want to flourish in the coming decades.”

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