Is it music to Kim Dotcom’s ears?

Gabriella Griffith
MEGAUPLOAD founder Kim Dotcom has celebrated the two year anniversary of the week the FBI raided his New Zealand home and closed the file sharing site, by launching an album and a new music-sharing service called Baboom. The electronic music album, called “Good Times,” is currently the only music available on Baboom (which is in beta testing) and it’s, er, megalolz.

But it’s also not the first time a founder has released an album. Last June, ex-Groupon CEO and founder Andrew Mason released an album following his ousting from the tech firm ironically titled, “Hard Workin’.”

So what about the City? Do we have any musically gifted chief execs releasing albums? Well, none that we know of yet but The Capitalist happens to be aware that a certain Deloitte head has his own record label. Head of real estate at Deloitte Andy Rothery started his own record label with his sons a few years ago called Something Nothing Records. We can confirm, however, unlike Dotcom and Mason – that Rothery stays well away from the mic.

We’re sure there’s more where these guys come from. Do you know of any album releasing chief execs we’ve missed?

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