Rail passengers getting grumpier about delays and overcrowding

Marion Dakers

RAIL passengers are complaining more about delays and crowded carriages, a national poll revealed yesterday.

While 83 per cent of Britons are happy with their train trips overall, this has fallen from 85 per cent a year ago and several aspects of the journey have come in for stark criticism.

Value for money is a big cause of complaint, with 35 per cent of those polled dissatisfied with the price of the ticket and 45 per cent happy, the biannual survey by Passenger Focus showed.

And while 79 per cent said they were happy with punctuality, this figure has slumped four percentage points since last year.

Two-thirds of rail users said there was enough space for passengers to sit and stand on their train, down three points. This number drops to 64 per cent in London and the south east.

“There are gaps of around 20 per cent between the best and worst-performing services,” said Anthony Smith, acting head of Passenger Focus.

“Although generally satisfaction has remained fairly high over the last five years, we want to see a more consistently high level of service for passengers, wherever they may be travelling to and from.”