Any Other Business - 21/01

Gabriella Griffith

THERE’S been a lot of talk recently about millionaires creating elaborate basements but it seems Alton Towers owner Nick Leslau is going against the grain and spending his moolah on his roof. The millionaire plans to renovate the roof of his penthouse apartment near Regent’s Park into a 2,500 square foot garden, replete with a mobile kitchen and pizza oven to entertain guests. According to The Capitalist’s sources however, rumours of a 20-person hot tub and a menagerie of exotic trees are mere hyperbole – Leslau has no intention of taking on nearby London Zoo at its own game.

YOU MAY have thought David Brent and The Thick Of It’s Malcolm Tucker had helped to banish the use of ridiculous management speak but it looks like we’re not out of the woods just yet. A memo announcing the departure of JP Morgan veteran Klaus Diederichs described the bank’s longest serving investment banker in London as a “culture carrier.” No, it doesn’t mean he has a membership to the Tate Modern. Or that he delivers pots of bacteria from one branch to another. He, er, has been a mentor to many current leaders at the bank. Well, glad that’s all clear.