Nicola Horlick’s hubby eyes up the big screen

Gabriella Griffith
FUND manager and so-called “superwoman” Nicola Horlick has been investing in films for a few years now but it seems she’s not the only one in the house with a taste for the movies. Her husband, an ex-financial journo turned fiction writer, Martin Baker, is edging to take a slice of the film world too. He and his buddy Jonathan Cameron, an ex-Mishcon partner, have applied to be part of the Enterprise Investment Scheme to start their own film production company. Will Baker be using the company to bring his own books to life? “No, they would be way too expensive – our company would focus on low budget films,” he told The Capitalist. Baker was inspired by the low budget trailer made for his book which apparently cost just £400. “It’s so well made - you can create amazing things for very little.” Hopefully Hollywood will call for his own screenplays, then.