Letters to the Editor - 21/01 - EU reform, Heathrow debate, Best of Twitter

EU reform

[Re: EU reform is possible – and it can safeguard the position of the City of London, yesterday]

Mark Boleat is too quick to praise a “reformist agenda” without considering the alternatives. We should not dismiss leaving the EU based on the results of a CBI survey of just 406 businesses across the UK. Businesses need not worry: Norway and Switzerland have experienced benefits from being outside the EU and the UK can take its own approach. We have one of the largest global economies, and buy vastly more from the EU than the EU does from us. It is inevitable that we will have a free trade deal with the EU if we leave.

Rory Broomfield, director, Better Off Out


Heathrow debate

[Re: Assembly hits out at Davies for keeping Heathrow on the table, Thursday]

Last week, I voted against a poorly-drafted motion in the London Assembly. While it aimed to oppose a larger Heathrow, the way it was written opened the door to increased flights and noise for millions of Londoners. As a result, I tabled an amendment, asking the Assembly to “state its opposition to any additional flights from Heathrow”. The Greens backed us, but Labour and the Lib Dems did not. My Tory colleagues and I are unequivocally opposed to any increase in flights at Heathrow.

Tony Arbour, Conservative member of the London Assembly



More signs of Eurozone recovery as Italian manufacturing orders rise 2.3 per cent in November.

Nine of the 32 London Boroughs now have average house prices above $1m.

Ministers must stop dragging their feet and introduce a Pubs Bill to give local pubs the protection they need.

Financial services firms are more concerned with skill shortages than regulation and demand (CBI survey).