Ukip beats the opposition to be UK’s most popular political party

Oliver Smith
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UKIP leader Nigel Farage is the second most popular political party leader, with Ukip the most popular political party, according to a ComRes poll released yesterday.

Over 22 per cent of voters polled picked Farage as their favourite leader, behind David Cameron’s 27 per cent. Some 27 per cent picked Ukip as their favourite party, ahead of Labour’s 26 per cent.

Despite the display of support, Ukip was drawn into controversy yesterday when Ukip councillor David Silvester blamed Britain’s recent flooding on David Cameron’s passing of the same-sex marriage bill. Ukip has used emergency powers to suspend him.

The ComRes poll results were less favourable towards Ukip when it comes to voting intentions, with only 19 per cent of voters saying they would vote for the eurosceptic party, falling behind the Conservatives (30 per cent) and Labour (35 per cent).

“It will worry the Conservatives that 23 per cent of people saying they would currently vote for them say that they are favourable towards Ukiip,” said ComRes.