The royals have business smarts

Gabriella Griffith

WHEN it comes to getting inspiration from the royal family, the top things on your list would probably be wedding dresses, the quickest route to Balmoral if your helicopter is out of juice and how to get paint off one’s Rolls-Royce – and business and career advice probably wouldn’t register very highly. But over the last few days the royal family has become a bountiful source of biz smarts.

Here are three useful business lessons from beyond the gates of Buckingham Palace:

1. Protect your intellectual property
Both Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have established their own companies (APL Anglesey and CE Strathearn respectively) in a bid to protect their brand and stop people exploiting their image. Well, anyone who saw the mismatched Prince Harry and Kate Middleton wedding mugs would understand. Not exactly great news for London’s myriad of souvenir shops, though.

2. Job sharing is handy
The Queen and Prince Charles have engaged in a job-share. The pair have revealed they are travelling to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings together and Prince Charles is planning to step in for his mother for certain royal appearances.

3. Do what you’re passionate about
Prince Harry has quit his job as an army helicopter pilot to work on military events, including a bid to host Warrior Games – a Paralympic style event for wounded ex-service men and women.