Any Other Business - 17/01

Gabriella Griffith

SIR HOWARD Davies, the UK’s chief runway picker, rose an unlikely chortle at a Runways UK event yesterday in Tower Hill. The head of the government’s aviation commission was recommending the UK set up an independent “noise watchdog” - similar to one in France when he said, “I know it’s unusual to say we should copy what they are doing in France” before swiftly adding, “I know there are some things we would like to do that they do in France...” at which the room gave a communal giggle. Ohh la la – whatever could he be referring to?

FORMER City spin doctor and Gorkana founder Michael Webster is back on the London scene having departed for warmer climes back in May of last year. He has joined the board of directors for social media monitoring company Social360 – a move which reunites him with his former Brunswick buddy. “I’m delighted to be joining Ryszard Bublik, an old Brunswick colleague of mine from way back around 2000,” he told The Capitalist. Webster left the UK back in May following his departure from Gorkana – the company he co-founded and sold to Durrants for £25m in 2010. Bublik is equally pleased to be reunited with his former friend, “He will make an invaluable contribution to the future success of our business,” he said. All together now “ahhhh”.