Top five do-it-yourself fitness apps (all for iPhone and Android)

Fitocracy FREE (with in app purchases)
If you’re more at home playing World of Warcraft than working out, try Fitocracy, an app that gamifies your fitness regime. You score points by exercising, allowing you to level-up, earn achievements and eventually become a fitness master.

Zombies, Run! £1.99
Struggle for motivation? What if you were being chased by hordes of the ravenous undead? This is the premise behind Zombies, Run!, an app that plays you increasingly frantic, apocalyptic news clips, and tells you when the corpses are gaining on you.

Nike Training Club FREE
This app is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. It devises training regimes tailored to your fitness goals, allowing you to choose from four options depending on whether you want to get lean, toned, strong or focused.

Strava FREE (with in app purchases)
Strava maps your speed through GPS and ranks you against other cyclists who regularly use the same routes. The fastest cyclists on certain routes are crowned King of the Hill. The goal is to make you put in extra effort to beat the average speed.

GymPact FREE (kind of)
GymPact asks you to pledge to go to the gym a certain number of times a week. If you miss a session, you’re charged a minimum of $5, although you can opt to invest even more. The fines are distributed among those who make it to the gym.