Letters to the Editor - 16/01 - Market share cap, France crumbling, Best of Twitter

Market share cap

[Re: Miliband mulls cap on market share of banks, yesterday]

The idea of forcing banks to sell branches in order to promote competition is entirely misguided. If Labour is serious about this, it needs to provide far more detail on its definition of market share – will mortgages, branch size, and the number of personal accounts be taken in to consideration? Removing barriers to entry would be a far more effective way to promote competition than imposing an arbitrary cap. Labour should stop attempting to make political hay and put forward some sensible economic policies.

Name withheld


France crumbling

[Re: The French embassy’s strange attack on me misses the point, yesterday]

The French embassy in London is fighting the wrong battle. But should we really be surprised? The grandes ecoles elite are educated with little intellectual diversity – France is crumbling and they can’t see it. The Lycee Charles De Gaulle school in London is full of French children. They are educated at the expense of the French tax payer, and have no intention of returning to France with its heavy tax burden and red tape. France should be worried, but its embassy seems not to realise this.

Olivier Blanc


House prices growing twice as fast in London than any other region of the UK. Up 12 per cent this year.

Banking is a global occupation. Shall RBS compete or not?

Annual economic growth in Germany: 3.3 per cent in 2011, 0.7 per cent in 2012 and 0.4 in 2013. A trend?

Britain leaving the European Court of Human Rights would be a “disaster”. Says president of said court.