Workers in top job cities see rents outstrip higher salaries

YOUNG workers moving to cities with better job prospects are paying whopping extra rental charges, outstripping the effect of higher pay in more prosperous areas.

An average income in London is £460 higher per month than in England generally, but a typical one-bedroom flat is £648 per month more expensive to rent, draining away the capital’s bigger salaries.

Research released by housing campaign group Priced Out reveals the major squeeze on incomes for people moving for employment opportunities.

In less expensive cities like Rochdale, renting a one bedroom flat makes up around 21 per cent of a median income, against 38 per cent in Cambridge, 41 per cent in Oxford and an eye-watering 50 per cent in London.

“We desperately need more houses built in places where jobs are being created to ease the pressure on rents,” commented Dan Wilson Craw, spokesman for Priced Out.