No pay rise for two thirds of staff last year

TWO THIRDS of workers did not see a salary increase during 2013, with little growth in pay following the decent economic growth during the second half of the year.

Figures published by careers website Reed today add to the mounting evidence that workers are not yet feeling the effect of the recovery in their pay packets.

The survey of thousands of people suggests that 66 per cent of staff saw their wages stay still or fall, while 37 per cent of employees had no financial or training incentives of any kind from their employer in the past 12 months.

“Despite a need to attract and retain talent within their organisation, many businesses aren’t investing in their workforce through pay or their benefits, such as training, and this will impact on the overall satisfaction rating for their workforce,” said Tom Lovell, Reed’s group managing director

Despite no pay rise for most people, there was an improvement in perceptions of job security during 2013: 79 per cent of employees now feel secure or very secure in their position, an improvement against last year’s 74 per cent.