Spirits at the Sign on the Don?

Gabriella Griffith
CITY revellers searching for a historical tipple can now add another venue to their hit list. The owners of The Sign of the Don restaurant have restored a 30 metre, 200-year-old vault underneath its restaurant, creating a cellar and space for a handful of punters to enjoy a drink. “The project has been fantastic but it took us longer than we had hoped,” owner Robyn Wilson told The Capitalist. The cellar was used for bottling port by the Sandeman Company for 200 years and was once part of a Roman tunnel which led to the Thames. The cellar is a little daunting and “can be tricky to get down to” but don’t worry about 17th Century ghosts. “So much cognac and port has evaporated in those tunnels over the years any spirits lingering would be pretty mellow,” Wilson laughed.