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Annabel Denham
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WHAT: Task management app offering real-time interaction across a company.

WHY: “I can get more done with less effort. It keeps me on the pulse of what’s going on back at the office,” says Will Swannell, founder of venue booking service Hire Space.

WHAT: A transport app offering a range of services, from journey planning, to weather.

WHY: “It is by far and away the best app for navigating London. Essential for any London-based entrepreneur,” says Tom Brooks, co-founder of cleaning service platform Mopp.

WHAT: A file hosting service.

WHY: “As an entrepreneur, I’m always on the go. With this app, I have access to my important files at all times. It’s perfect for practising slides and talk on the way to speaking events,” says Flat Club founder Nitzan Yudan.

WHAT: Calendar app combining Facebook, Google Calendar and LinkedIn into a daily email.

WHY: “It’s a much more digestible way of looking at mine and my business partner’s diaries,” says Taavet Hinrikus, who co-founded international money transfer platform TransferWise.

WHAT: Web-based project management app.

WHY: “As a startup, you may not have the time or money to learn to use project management software. Trello is simple to use, and allows me to move tasks from idea to completion with my team,” says Sooqini founder Raj Singh.