#MOL! Michael O’Leary takes to Twitter again

Gabriella Griffith
THE ARTIST known as #MOL hit Twitter once more yesterday as Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary continued his charm offensive, answering customer questions and, er, wearing a red nose.

The airline boss greeted his fans with his usual stinted text speak tweeting: “MOL here. H nu yr. Luv u all x x x Hope u as excira bout 2014 as me #AskRyanair.” We are excira Michael, we are.

The outlandish Irishman first appeared on Twitter back in October, a month after he admitted Ryanair needed to stop “unnecessarily p*ssing people off.” A change of heart or a reaction to the airline’s fight to hold off strong-performing rivals?

Yesterday, his new dedication to customer service saw him answering hundreds of questions. Some Ryanair related, others ... not.

Highlights included his suggestion for a transport essay title: “Is MOL God or just Jesus,” his request that Brad Pitt play him in the next Ryanair ad and his response to the question, “what does it take to be a Ryanair pilot?” – “It takes brains, talent, skill & good looks. In other airlines, usually it takes a lobotomy!” Oh and in case you’re wondering, O’Leary insisted his Granny knitted his hat.