Mind the nap: Deloitte boss in sleeping selfie

Gabriella Griffith
DELOITTE’S head of real estate Andy Rothery fell foul of the selfie craze just before Christmas when he unwittingly fell asleep on the train home. The City boss woke up from his slumber to find the girl next to him taking selfies of the two of them.

His fellow commuter was happy to show him what she had been up to, explaining she was in high spirits after her work do. Rothery took it so well, he even took a snap of her handy work.

■ It may be the only way you stay awake at your desk but beware: that black stuff is dangerous. Nothing to do with the caffeine content, but the fact that it is erm...hot. Not particularly surprising unless you’re after the iced variety of course. But if you’re American apparently this is not necessarily a given. Two decades after a US woman was awarded a massive sum for complaining her McDonald’s coffee burnt her, a woman in LA is trying to do the same. She claims the lid was “negligently, carelessly and improperly placed”.

Be careful people – that morning cuppa could hurt.

■ City hangout Boisdale sent a pretty overt message to Alex Salmond last night with its Burns’ Night preview dinner. The six course affair centred around a “union haggis” - an adaptation of the traditional dish, designed to bang the drum for the union, featuring ingredients from Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. The Capitalist popped its haggis cherry and got stuck in, finding the “union” to be quite a tasty affair – something the other guests agreed with wholeheartedly. “It’s a culinary metaphor for the Union upon which Britain’s greatness was built and future prosperity and fortitude depends,” said owner Ranald Macdonald.

Perhaps Salmond should fly down for a taste ahead of September’s referendum.