City lady says “Take Me Out”

Gabriella Griffith
IN A CITY where smiling at someone on the Tube can get you arrested and most are trapped in a cycle of lunch al desko, finding love can sometimes be tricky.

Well, one City worker has taken matters into her own hands (actually, strictly speaking Paddy McGuinness’ hands) and appeared on ITV’s Take Me Out. If you’re not familiar, think one single guy, 30 single ladies and McGuinness playing a hairier, 21st century Cilla Black.

Lucy Kuy, who works at City-based insurance firm Catlin, will be appearing on the show from the start of February in a bid to find Mr Right. Kuy’s been single for two years, finding the City’s eligible bachelors difficult to approach.

“They tend to hunt in packs which can be intimidating,” she told The Capitalist.

With full support from her colleagues at Catlin, Kuy took two weeks off for the filming back in November and had, “an experience to top all others”. She described presenter-cum-comedian McGuinness as “like a really lovely uncle.”

Unsurprisingly, her team is eager to watch her performance. “They’re threatening to play it in the morning meetings and on the big screen in the canteen,” she laughed.

As for whether or not she found love and made it to the Isle of Fernando (the mythical holiday destination for the show’s lucky couples ie. Cyprus) a coy Kuy insists we’ll have to tune in to find out.