Letters to the Editor - 09/01 - Buy British, Land sale, Best of Twitter

Buy British

[Re: Is the environment secretary right that UK consumers should buy more British food?, yesterday]

So John Allan supports the UK sticking to domestically-produced food and also expects other countries to open up to UK producers? He really hasn’t thought that through at all. The government manipulates our spending and consumption with taxation all the time. Is it offering tax breaks on domestic food? Or extra tariffs on imports? Or is this just a faux pro-UK gesture to make it appear that our leaders don’t really hate the UK and its people after all?

Paul Perrin


Land sale

[Re: Osborne’s great British sell-off, yesterday]

Boosting the supply of houses by increasing land supply and simplifying the planning permission process is the right way to bring down house prices. The government must act quickly before the chorus of the left and the antiquated idea of social housing gathers further momentum.

Kunal Gautam

The decision to sell government land is welcome. But why do applications need to be scrutinised by “policy experts”? Opening it up to the highest bidder would reveal what the market really wants.

Naomi Sykes



UK could easily need a “Davies Commission 2” within a decade to look at further airport expansion.

More than 50 per cent of China’s millionaires have taken steps to emigrate or are considering doing so.

As deflation approaches in the Eurozone, unemployment is stuck at record highs.

Continuing with super-low interest rates risks damaging the UK’s recovery.