Boris and his 'Nick' names

Gabriella Griffith

Nick Clegg got an unfortunate 47th birthday present from Boris Johnson yesterday when the mayor implied that the deputy PM was little more than David Cameron’s condom. Employing his usual linguistic flair, the London mayor called Clegg a, “lapdog-cum-prophylactic protection device" on LBC radio. He prefixed it with, “I don’t want to get into some sort of endless ding-dong with poor old Cleggers” - well, we can’t help but notice old Bozzer rather enjoys calling Clegg names.

Here is a selection of Boris’s favourite ‘Nick’names:

1. The Great Yellow Albatross
Last month Boris accused the Lib Dem leader of being a “great yellow albatross” – adding the sooner the Tories are rid of him the better.

2. Cameron Cup Holder
You might recall Boris calling Clegg a cup holder last June: “He’s David Cameron’s cup-bearer and coat-holder in his ceremonial job as so-called deputy leader.”

3. Condescending Lord Clegg
In August of 2013 Boris penned an article about Nick titled: “Condescending Lord Clegg, the invincible loser of British politics.”

4. A Wobbling Jelly
Boris said the Lib Dems deserved a “kicking from the Tories” back in February, calling Nick Clegg and his party, “great, big, wobbling jellies.”