Any Other Business - 07/01

Gabriella Griffith

Olympic silver medalist Rob Williams has revealed he has his sights on gold, but not in the way you might imagine. The 28-year-old champion rower announced yesterday he won’t be getting back into his Lycra GB suit but instead will concentrate on his career in the City, at Goldman Sachs. He joined the firm in December 2012 shortly after his medal winning performance at the London Games and likes it so much he’s given up his oars. The Capitalist is pretty sure his Olympic discipline is going down well at the bank.

He might well be the man at the centre of one of the tech world’s biggest accounting disputes, but that hasn’t stopped Autonomy founder Mike Lynch from signing up to give a lecture called “Building a Better Business” later this month. Lynch, who denies misleading HP during its purchase of Autonomy, is set to take to the podium at Cass Business School on 22 January to “deliver an entrepreneurship masterclass”. Ironically the invite went out on the same day that fresh allegations against Lynch and Autonomy were made by the US Air Force, which could see him barred from federal contracts. Unsurprisingly, the Cass invitation makes it clear Lynch (who denies all wrongdoing) won’t be taking HP flavoured questions. We wonder if someone from HP will slip into the stands to disrupt proceedings though?