Any Other Business - 20/12

Gabriella Griffith

Need help getting home after that Xmas party? Apple announced its top apps of 2013 this week and one of the editor’s picks was London-born travel app Citymapper. For those who haven’t already used the app - it takes your destination and gives a range of options for getting there. For giggles, it also includes how long it would take you to teleport or use a jet pack and provides a demo featuring a mini Boris Johnson – disappearing or jetting across the map. “The Boris feature adds a bit of fun to people’s commute and who else could we pick to use?!” founder Azmat Yusuf told The Capitalist. Who else indeed?

Well, the results from the Twittersphere are in, and it appears our politicians are taking to Twitter like Cameron to a selfie. Overall, tweets by politicians are up 28 per cent on last year – with a keypad smashing 922,000 twitterings in 2013. Liberal Democrat Tim Farron was the most prolific tweeter – apparently tweeting an average of once every 20 minutes (assuming he has 6 hours of sleep - who knows, maybe he’s too busy tweeting to sleep?) The party most fond of sharing its thoughts via the social media platform is Labour, with almost 400,000 tweets in 2013. The Capitalist guesses there’s more time to tweet when you’re in opposition.