British Gas loses executive who was taken to task by Twitter

Marion Dakers
THE BRITISH Gas executive who led the company’s disastrous Twitter Q&A two months ago is leaving the firm to return to the Netherlands, the energy group said yesterday.

Bert Pijls, British Gas’s managing director of customer services, decided to depart after his team was restructured and another role he was offered did not “match his ambitions”.

“We are sorry to be losing Bert Pijls, who has shown great determination and commitment during his time with British Gas,” a spokesperson said yesterday.

“This has been a difficult decision for Bert, and we thank him for all his hard work and leadership, and wish him the very best for the future.”

Pijls presided over a question and answer session on Twitter shortly after British Gas announced a 10.4 per cent rise in electricity bills and an 8.4 per cent jump in gas prices in October.

The company apologised after it was bombarded by 16,000 angry comments from users who were disgruntled by the price hikes.

Pijls joined the company in March 2012 from Egg Banking.

It is thought that he plans to move back to the Netherlands and take some time out.