Letters to the Editor - 19/12 - Airport debate, Best of Twitter

Airport debate

[Re: It’s time to kick politicians out of the crucial debate on airport expansion, Tuesday]

The CBI recently noted that direct flights open doors to new trade. We must act on airports, and Heathrow is the best option. It would be quicker to build, and be cheaper than a new Thames Estuary hub. It would be more convenient, particularly with the completion of Crossrail. But the airport debate is a political minefield, and Heathrow expansion is politically toxic. Opponents like Zac Goldsmith, for example, have threatened by-elections. The author is right: we must move forward. And to do so, we must depoliticise the debate.

Paul Wheeler

Would the author like to come round to my house and spend a few nights here? He’d love it – being woken up at 4.40am by incoming flights, unable to hear what you’re saying outside on the pavement, no respite from the noise. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Elizabeth Balsom

International business people do not want to fly into Gatwick, and the two Heathrow schemes are merely sticking plasters. The only option for serious consideration is Boris Johnson’s farsighted and exciting option.

Phil Hicks



Over the past year, 52,000 jobs have been lost in the public sector. 537,000 created in the private sector.

Fall in unemployment rate accelerating as economy picks up. Could be down to 7 per cent by mid-2014.

Miliband says he’d rather the rich paid less tax if they earned less income. Economics of envy, not reality.

2013 was a great year for Parliament. Speaker John Bercow deserves some of the credit.