Some games to get you through Christmas

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been rumbling on for years but the latest iteration promises something a bit different – this time you take the role of a swashbuckling pirate pillaging his way through the lush Caribbean. The graphics alone make this worth a look.

This on-rails adventure isn’t one for hardcore gamers but it will keep the kids happy on Christmas Day. You control a robot made of bits of floating metal that can grow or shrink depending on the available resources. It looks like a Pixar movie, although it’s nowhere near as fun.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes
Lego has been more successful than any other toy manufacturer in rebranding itself for the modern age. Its top-selling roster of child-oriented video games now includes Marvel Super Heroes – and it’s great fun. Play as all your favourite heroes as you crash through lots of blocky levels.

This is without doubt the most realistic looking football sim ever created. The players’ likenesses are better than ever and the sense of weight and gravity is second to none. There are moments when it really is like watching a match on the telly, but you’re controlling it.

Killzone: Shadowfall
Killzone isn’t exactly a classic of its genre but if you crave a next-gen shoot ‘em up, this will stop you getting the shakes over the festive period. It’s more of the same in respect of its story – alien, space, war, blah, blah, blah. You get to shoot stuff and it’s quite fun. Simple.