Supermarket fuel war reignites as Tesco and Asda drop prices

Suzie Neuwirth
THE SUPERMARKET fuel price war sparked off once again yesterday, after two major chains introduced new price cuts, effective from this morning.

Tesco and Asda are both dropping the price of petrol by up to 2p per litre and diesel by 1p per litre.

Spokespersons from Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s confirmed yesterday that they were not currently planning to announce similar price cuts.

“Cheaper fuel is something motorists will widely welcome and comes ahead of both last-minute Christmas shopping this weekend, and the rush on the roads next week,” said Pete Williams, head of external affairs at the RAC.

“The wholesale price of fuel is at its lowest rate since early November so we hope that other retailers pass on a similar saving.”

The wholesale price of petrol in the UK has fallen in recent months as it is priced in dollars, so UK prices are affected by the exchange rate. The pound has strengthened, making petrol cheaper for the UK.