At home with Jamie Dimon: The JP Morgan boss shows us his backhand in this panoramic family-packed Christmas card

LAST week we revelled in political Christmas cards; the good, the bad and the er, down right weird (yes, you, Godfrey Bloom). Today we bring you corporate Christmas cards US style – in the form of JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon’s card. And what a card it is. Not content with using one side of a greetings card, Dimon has opted for a double page spread. It’s a panoramic family scene, featuring his wife Judy, three daughters, his dog and some other bloke (thought to be a son in law) but that’s where the festive references end. What is clear from this card is... a) Dimon’s got a decent backhand. b) The Dimon family are a jolly bunch, and c) They have a penchant for beige home furnishings.