Letters to the Editor - 16/12 - UK drugs policy, Passenger duty, Best of Twitter

UK drugs policy

[Re: Failing UK drugs policy should take a leaf from Uruguay and Portugal, Thursday]
We need to stop this foolish and unwinnable war against cannabis. Independent research has shown that a tax and regulate policy would produce a large net gain for the UK economy, while saving millions of pounds from the policing budget. Further, if we had a properly regulated system of production and supply, we’d have no more illegal and dangerous cannabis farms causing fires and blighting communities. The rest of the world is leaving Britain behind on this issue.

Peter Reynolds


Passenger duty

The chancellor’s confirmation of a rise in Air Passenger Duty (APD) came as a bitter disappointment to UK businesses. As chambers of commerce, we represent thousands of firms across all parts of the UK. Our members frequently tell us about the damaging impact of APD on their business operations. The UK levies the highest air passenger tax in the world – costing more than £180 per passenger on some long-haul flights. The UK’s exorbitant rates of APD serve to undermine the idea that Britain is open for business. We hope the chancellor rethinks his plans.

A Fair Tax on Flying Campaign, signed by six UK Chambers of Commerce



Fact of the day: over 50 per cent of European property investment by Chinese buyers is in London.

Italy: 2009 to 2013 about 16,000 transport companies closed, down 14.7 per cent, due to high fuel costs.

ComRes poll: 10 per cent fewer now think Miliband could be prime minister than in May.

China achieves first moon landing since 70s. Marks transition to new world where Asia dominates.