Letters to the Editor - 13/12 - Drug legalisation, Airport debate, Best of Twitter

Drug legalisation

[Re: Failing UK drugs policy should take a leaf from Uruguay and Portugal, yesterday]

Those that support the continuation of the failed policy of drugs prohibition are supporting the continuation of criminal control, as well as the shameful waste of vast sums of taxpayer money in trying (and failing) to prevent distribution and usage. Disgracefully, we persecute and prosecute people who choose to put substances in their own bodies, substances that are often less harmful than the legal alternatives. A radical change is needed. Current policy has been proven a failure.

Name withheld


Airport debate

[Re:We need to stop playing politics with aviation and go for growth, yesterday]

Gatwick-Heathrow is not the option. We don’t need a couple of extra runways dotted around the South East. The UK needs a brand new hub airport, with further room to grow. We are already far behind our competitors.

Ben Wolfson

My concern is that politicians will see Sir Howard Davies’s options, note the continual opposition of West London Nimbys, and then shy away from a decision yet again. But it’s just too late for that!

Matt Watts



Jump in US jobless claims due to seasonal distortions. We expect claims to fall back next week.

Exxon Mobil: Natural gas expected to overtake coal as the largest source of electricity by 2040.

German economic slowdown. Industrial production fell by 1.6 per cent from July to October.

Spain to block Catalonia referendum. This is going to get messy.