Gherkin is back on the menu for street food

STREET food has evolved from a proliferation of greasy chip vans to the height of gourmet cuisine in a relatively short space of time in the UK.

But strict bylaws banning street trading in many parts of the City of London, mean us City folk often miss out on the gourmet grub.

But KERB, which began life at King’s Cross, has been granted some festive reprieve and following an enforced break from its temporary home at the Gherkin, it’s back today for the second of two Christmas specials, replete with mulled wine as well as the ubiquitous pulled-pork.

KERB had been resident at the Gherkin for nine months until it had a run in with the City of London Corporation in August over planning permission.

“It was a real disappointment to stop in the summer but we’ve make some tweaks, pared back what we’re doing and hopefully, pending a committee meeting at the Corporation we’ll be able to stay,” KERB founder Petra Barren told The Capitalist.

The Capitalist also had a word with the City of London Corporation to get the skinny on KERB’s Gherkin residency.

Apparently, the private land it was operating on didn’t have planning permission for a change of use and the Corporation is considering its new planning application – in the meantime it granted the two special dates as a temporary measure, “in the spirit of Christmas.”

Ahh doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.