Letters to the Editor - 12/12 - Blocked reports, Tech giants, Best of Twitter

Blocked reports

[Re: Here’s what Theresa May doesn’t want you to see, Tuesday]
Recently, we have seen a report into HS2 blocked because its message would bring “political and presentational difficulties”. And now, it seems Theresa May has delayed the publication of a review into the impact of EU migration because of fears that it was too positive. Both are worrying developments. The government could stand to be less cowardly. Ministers should make the case for the policies they support, openly and in public, rather than attempting to manipulate the information the public is exposed to.

Andrew Winterbourne


Tech giants

[Re: The tech giants are right: We could be sleepwalking into a surveillance state, Tuesday]
Nick Pickles makes no mention of the US whistleblower Edward Snowden whatsoever. Let’s get real. If Snowden had not made public his allegations that national spy agencies routinely snoop on their citizens over the internet, these technology chiefs would not be jumping to reveal to the world their displeasure. This is unlikely to be a question of principle. It’s a question of damage limitation – an attempt to avoid the appearance of a worrying degree of complicity.

Name withheld



Greek unemployment rate for 25 to 34 year olds at 36.8 per cent. Has to be damaging for trend growth.

State pension has to be tackled. Costs will rise from 5.6 per cent of GDP to 8.3 per cent in 50 years.

Lagarde says banking union must be simple, efficient, comprehensive. Everything Europe is not then.

Just gone through the division lobby with Ed Balls dressed as Santa.