Our pick of the launch-day titles

Forza 5
The sixth title in the Forza Motorsport franchise has been released exclusively for Xbox One. It uses the new graphics engine to create a highly-realistic driving experience. Forza 4’s world tour tracks are replaced with levels divided into categories such as compact sports cars and track toys.

Dead Rising 3
Dead Rising is perhaps the least subtle franchise in console history. Cut your way through swathes of the walking dead using whatever comes to hand, from power drills to tyre irons. Getting behind the wheels of a car and mowing through hundreds of zombies is particularly fun.

Crimson Dragon
This on-rails adventure sees you fly a dragon through various fantasy landscapes, scrapping with other dragons and learning new attacks. It’s not exactly groundbreaking in terms of either gameplay or graphics (disappointingly, given its next-gen host), but it will wile away a few hours on Christmas Day.

Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct doesn’t have the same pop cultural cache as beat ‘em up faves Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, but it’s always outperformed them in one key respect: visuals. The latest incarnation for Xbox One is no different, with stunning graphics and great accompanying sound.

Zoo Tycoon
This business sim puts you in charge of running a zoo, either alone or with the help of up to four friends on Xbox Live. There are over 100 animals to choose from and, with the upgraded Kinect, they recognise your voice and react to your movements.