Have you got space on the mantelpiece for these beauties?

THERE was once a time when the only people who sent awkward family-portrait Christmas cards were your second cousins in Wisconsin, but the US tradition has made its way over here – and our politicians love it. This year Cameron opted for a classy, black and white number with a natural “oh you just caught us like that” pose – including youngest daughter Florence, who he has fiercely guarded from the media until now. Rival Ed Miliband dresses down for his shot, also flanked by his kids and wife in a pair of jeans and a v-neck sweater – it screams approachable guy.

Meanwhile Nick Clegg has gone for a touch of silliness – getting his kids to use what looks like a 1999 version of Paint to add festive details to his family scene.

Words escape us when it comes to ex-UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom and his bongos. His wife even dressed up as Dot Cotton, fag included, for full effect. It gives us the shivers. And then there’s Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond – who commissioned Peter Howson to create a painting of the Biblical fourth wise man for his card. Is that REALLY how he sees himself?

Politicians have pulled out all of the stops but we know the City’s corporates are fans of an awkward Xmas card too.

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