Governor Carney plays the ghost of Xmas Present

OVER in New York yesterday, Bank of England governor Mark Carney was not just extolling the recovery of the British economy – he also took the opportunity to peddle some of the UK’s classical literature to the yanks.

Speaking at the 106-year old Economic Club of New York, Carney (clearly overwhelmed by the historical clout of the club) came over all Dickensian.

His speech, catchily entitled “The spirit of the season”, was littered with delightful Christmas Carol references – but which character did the Canadian cast himself as?

The Capitalist is pretty sure Carney has to be the Ghost of Christmas Present in his grand literary metaphor. Who else could he be talking about in this statement?: “The Ghost of Christmas Present is a cheerful spirit. As uncertainty diminishes [forward guidance obviously], credit conditions improve and balance sheet repair progresses, monetary policy is gaining traction.” But who plays the other spirits in Carney’s re-enactment?

Well, though his predecessor was nowhere to be seen, we’d like Lord King for Christmas Past, while new Fed chief Janet Yellen would make a perfect Christmas Not Yet To Come.

Now that’s one Christmas recital we’d pay to see.

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