Size definitely matters when it comes to world Christmas trees

WE’RE all for healthy competition between nations, so with the Olympics a distant memory, The Capitalist thought it would pitch governmental Christmas trees against each other.

The festive fir that went up in front of Number 10 over the weekend is from Oxfordshire – Greenfield Farm in Watlington to be exact – and is an 18ft tall Nordman Fir with 10,000 LED lights. In the spirit of austerity, it is covered in 2010’s re-used baubles (thrifty – shame they’re so ugly). Meanwhile, Angela Merkel has three trees over at the German Chancellery in Berlin, two 26 ft numbers inside and a whopping 45 footer outside the door. There’s just no competing with that…Or is there?

Across the pond the Obamas’ principle tree is the same size as ours (if more lavishly decorated) but they have 24 trees in total at the White House. Yes, 24. And that’s taking it easy – last year they had 54. We think we have a winner…