Management consultancy faring well as firms turn to outside help

GROWTH in the UK management consulting sector has outpaced the wider economy in the last two years, according to a new report.

The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) think tank said companies were increasingly turning to consultants to help them recover and boost growth.

The think tank also said levels of optimism had surged in the last year, with almost two thirds of management consulting firms upbeat about the economy, the health of consulting, and prospects for the future.

The digital economy was named as a key sector for consultants, although firms complained too few graduates have skills in programming and code writing.

Alan Leaman, chief executive of the MCA said: “Growth now looks set to continue. Interviewees report strong order books and pipeline growth.”

However he added that difficult economic times meant added hurdles for consultants, with clients taking longer to authorise projects and chief finance officers heavily involved in signing them off.

The MCA said the public sector too was increasingly using consultants, following severe contractions in recent years.