Letters to the Editor - 09/12 - Toll roads, Labour flailing, Best of Twitter



[Re: Government scraps plans for toll pricing as taxpayers pick up tab, Tuesday]
It is a shame that the government seems to have ignored the economic argument for toll roads. Pricing mechanisms have proven themselves in other areas of transport as an efficient means of allocating scarce resources, like road space. Moreover, technological developments mean that the traditional stop and pay station is no longer necessary. Drivers could pay through an electronic transponder connected to a prepaid account, or by having their licence plate recorded for calculating and delivering monthly bills.

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Labour flailing

[Re: Did the Autumn Statement improve Tory prospects for the next general election? Friday]
The real revelation last week was the complete inability of Labour to respond to the momentum the Tories are gathering with a stronger economy. If the opposition does have a clear argument to make, Ed Balls seemed completely incapable of expressing it. And by calling for a Charter for Budget Responsibility, the chancellor is seeking to force Labour’s hand. Balls will either have to back the new charter, and thus concede political ground to the Tories, or oppose it and open Labour up to the charge of fiscal irresponsibility.

William Moore



Mandela: “I’m an unemployed pensioner with a criminal record.” The humility of greatness.

Based on current data, projected further strength and budget deal, we continue to look for December taper.

I’m sticking with the March 2014 taper. Fed will want the recovery triple-stamped before they start.

Fiasco of A14 – shovel ready in 2010, cancelled, then a proposed toll road, now back to drawing board.