Other housing measures announced in yesterday’s statement

■ The government will create a £1bn, six-year programme to unblock large housing developments on sites in Manchester and Leeds and across the country. This will be used to tackle specific local problems that are hampering housebuilding – such as the lack of an access road to a development site.

■ The Housing Revenue Account borrowing limit will be increased by £300m, to give local authorities additional flexibility to support affordable housing.

■ Councils will be able decide which finance options give them the best rates.

■ Working people who live in social housing will be given priority to move, if it is expected to help them get a job.

■ Additional funding for affordable homes is expected to come from the sale of vacant high-value social housing stock – though there are some concerns over how properties will be valued.

■ The government will introduce dedicated Right to Buy agents to help buyers complete their home purchase.

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