Nobel laureate celebrates £270m investment in quantum research

Oliver Smith
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NOBEL laureate Peter Higgs, the theoretical physicist who discovered the so-called God particle, applauded the government’s decision to support future scientific discoveries as part of its £270m funding for quantum technology.

The fund will support UK quantum research, which takes advantage of the behaviour of materials on an extremely small scale, as it is applied to new industries over the next five years, from supercomputers to secure communication.

Professor Higgs said, “This support from the Treasury and the Science and Technology Facilities Council will create an environment in which future generations of scientists from around the world can share and develop ideas in theoretical physics.”

Announced on Wednesday as part of the government’s national infrastructure plan, chancellor George Osborne made particular reference to the new policy during the Autumn Statement yesterday.

“Today we go further,” Osborne said, outlining his personal priority of investing in science and technology, describing the policy as, “A commitment to invest in quantum technology.”

The government will also spend £11m to open the Higgs Centre at Edinburgh University, named in honour of Professor Higgs.