Tinkling the ivories: (R)Ed Balls misses his Grade 3 piano exam

MOVE over Miliband, there’s a new Red Ed in town. The shadow chancellor’s frustrations at George Osborne’s “good news” on the economy, were played out on his face when he addressed the House of Commons after yesterday’s Autumn Statement. His face took on a reddish hue – prompting a storm of comments on Twitter. But the new Red Ed’s skin tone wasn’t the only thing getting attention.

The chancellor George Osborne also took time to poke fun at Ed’s piano playing: “He said he’s had to cancel his Grade 3 piano exam as it’s the same time as the Autumn Statement,” mocked Osborne. “He said to his piano teacher, ‘If I go wrong can I start again?’ She replied, ‘It’s probably best you keep going.’ He takes the same approach to economic policy as he does piano.”

Well, The Capitalist has spoken to Ed’s piano teacher, and she defended her pupil, commending his dedication to musical enlightenment (he’s trying to pass Grade 8 by the time he turns 50): “Ed was frustrated to have missed his exam,’ said Lola Perrin, of Markson Pianos (which also supplies the pianos for James Blunt’s tour).

“We won’t lose momentum though – he is extremely committed – a model student.”

Unfortunately for Ed, he’ll have to wait until March to prove his Grade 3 skills.