Silicon Valley Bank’s Got Christmas Talent

GET YOUR secret Santa pressies ready and start crafting those turkey vol-au-vents; ‘tis the season for Christmas parties.

While we’re remaining tight lipped about the City A.M. bash, The Capitalist has heard Silicon Valley Bank held its festive fiesta last night at Vinopolis, near London Bridge. But rather than simply sit down to a Christmas dinner and shimmy on the dancefloor to Mariah Carey, the bank’s staff held Silicon Valley Bank’s Got Talent.

According to our sources, chief executive Phil Cox and his team formed what could only be described as a “glow stick dance troupe”.

With the lights turned off, the glow in the dark group performed a medley of dances, including a Spice Girls number, finishing off with Michael Jackson’s Thriller – exiting the stage as “radioactive” zombies.

The Capitalist hasn’t heard who was deemed the winner of the contest yet, but any chief executive waving glow sticks around gets our vote.

SVB has something of a history with creative Christmas parties – last year everyone had to go dressed as one of the London Underground stations.

Cox, clearly relishing the rare opportunity to clown about, went as Piccadilly Circus.

Bravo – we’d guess there’s a few sore heads in the bank this morning though...