Goldman could ditch London HQ for the continent if UK leaves EU

Michael Bow
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GOLDMAN Sachs yesterday said it would consider moving its European headquarters from London to Paris if the UK left the European Union in future.

“If the UK leaves the EU, we would have to consider moving our London hub to another location in Europe. Two most likely places to go to would be Frankfurt and Paris,” Goldman’s international co-chief executive Michael Sherwood said.

Goldman has long flagged its disquiet about a possible UK exit from Europe but yesterday’s statement is the clearest sign yet of unrest at the bank over Britain’s future role in the EU.

Business for Britain chief executive Matthew Elliott said: “Instead of scaremongering about the future, Goldman Sachs should be helping to set out the changes they want from the EU that will help make the City an even better destination for investment.”

Goldman is unlikely to move anytime soon though, given a potential UK exit from the EU is some years away.