Dabbers at the ready, how many of these can you hear? Eyes down for a full house (of Commons)...


“Squeezed middle”
Not a reference to Osborne’s waistline...

The baked snack targeted for tax until Osborne did a U-turn

“Smoke and mirrors”
Something Osborne has been accused of

“Free school meals”
...but costly to taxpayers and a Clegg victory

Osborne’s new Bichon Frise puppy as seen on Twitter

The country we’re hoping will pay for...everything

The state-backed bank hit twice in two years by major IT glitches

“Triple A”
Something Osborne has lost but desperately wants back

“Plan B”
Something Osborne likes to insist doesn’t exist

The blonde mopped, loose-lipped London mayor

The project everyone loves to hate

“Green shoots”
Nothing to do with spring but we can see them

Prescribed by Osborne to save us from fiscal Armageddon

“We’re all in this together”
Osborne’s war cry

Osborne’s bête noire: he’s keen to cut them (but not for pensioners)

“Energy firms”
Headline grabbers of 2013; Labour’s enemy number 1