HTC’s flagship One mobile could be blocked from sale tomorrow

Oliver Smith
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STRUGGLING smartphone maker HTC could have its flagship HTC One phone blocked from sale in the UK this Friday after a high court judge said it infringes a Nokia patent.

HTC has filed an urgent appeal against the High Court decision but if this is not granted by the end of the week it will have to comply with the ruling.

Following the ruling Nokia said that “pending the appeal, HTC has undertaken not to ship any more of the infringing products into the UK, except the HTC One, which it may continue to sell until the conclusion of any appeal”.

Nokia had sought a ban on all devices that breached its patents on certain microchips, which is claimed included nine phones such as the HTC One, One SV and Wildfire S.

HTC said it was pleased that the judge had limited the scope of the ruling to only the HTC One Mini – which has been removed from sale – and the HTC One.

“In the meantime, we are working with our chip suppliers to explore alternative solutions,” said HTC.