Infrastructure deal:

■ Six major insurers have announced plans to collectively invest £25bn in UK infrastructure over the next five years. They are: Legal & General, Aviva, Prudential, Scottish Widows, Standard Life and Friends Life.

■ The government has unveiled a new national infrastructure plan containing over £375bn of public and private sector projects in the pipeline.

■ This includes an infrastructure pipeline document which sets out projects in more detail. It includes 646 different schemes, each worth over £50m, with 291 already under construction. Energy projects make up the largest share, at £219bn.

■ Hitachi and Horizon will develop a new nuclear power station at Wylfa in north Wales backed by a government guarantee.

■ A £1bn Northern Line extension to Battersea will also be backed by a government guarantee.

■ A £50m investment for full redevelopment of the railway station at Gatwick Airport has been agreed.

■ The government will look to sell its stake in Eurostar, as the target for the sale of corporate and financial assets will be doubled from £10bn to £20bn between 2014 and 2020.

■ Ministers will look at options to bring private capital into the Green Investment Bank to enable it to operate more freely.

■ A new court for infrastructure will be created in order to avoid unnecessary delays in the planning process for major projects.

■ But it has cancelled plans to introduce tolls on parts of the A14.

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