We’re keeping up with the drones...

Gabriella Griffith

SO, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and chief executive, is getting into the drone game. Once the reserve of the military and largely a source of fear, drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (to give them their proper title) are making their way into the mainstream. Amazon aside, The Capitalist has noticed drones are already being used in quite a few non-war related industries – and could serve us quite well here in the City.

Here are our top four alternative uses for drones in the City:

1. Scaring pigeons
Across the pond in Canada, officials have started to use drones to scare geese away from beaches in Petrie Island, Ottawa. Why not recycle this and use the crafts to scare pesky pigeons away from City squares and our historical buildings where the winged pests can cause untold damage to masonry?

2. Coffee deliveries
If we didn’t have to leave our desks to get our daily dose(s) of caffeine, we’d be a whole lot more productive. Domino’s Pizza has trialled a DomiCopter, so perhaps we could give the likes of Starbucks, Costa, Taylor St Baristas etc a nudge. Come on guys – “Cup of Joe drones” has a ring to it.

3. Media tool
We’re not sure how The Apprentice team currently creates its sweeping pan shots of the City but we’d wager it’s more expensive than hiring a drone to capture the skyline.

Apparently journalism students at the University of Missouri are already
taking classes in flying them.

4. Delivering City A.M.
For those unlucky souls whose commute does not see them weaving past one of our City A.M. distribution teams, wouldn’t it be ideal if a dedicated drone zipped in through your office window and plonked a fresh copy on your desk everyday?

Think it’s a good idea? The Capitalist is working on it…

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