Letters to the Editor - 03/12 - Heathrow noise, Autumn Statement, Best of Twitter

Heathrow noise

[Re: Our innovative Heathrow plan could expand capacity without huge costs, Friday]

It’s not clear to me that the author’s suggestions would limit the number of additional residents affected by Heathrow expansion, or merely dump even more noise on to those of us who already suffer. When the inspector gave the go-ahead for Terminal Five, it was on the condition that aircraft movements would be limited to 480,000 a year, because to exceed this would make life intolerable for people under the flight path. These unpalatable facts are ignored by the Heathrow expansionists.

Elizabeth Balsom


Autumn Statement

It would be a delight if the chancellor announced a permanent end to the ludicrous Sunday trading laws. The evidence is clear that this would contribute to growth. It’s one of the most utterly ludicrous laws that remains, with opposition to a change coming largely from self-interested trade unionists and convenience store owners.

Name Withheld

George Osborne must not sacrifice fiscal consolidation by pandering to Labour’s populist economic proposals. Growth has returned and the argument has been won. Let us stay the course.

Thomas Thornhill



The biggest item in a typical household budget is tax. To tackle cost of living crisis, that’s where to start.

Another poor number for France: manufacturing PMI dipped to a contractionary 48.4 in November.

In UK relationship with China, it seems Cameron is now putting UK interests before principles.

Since 2007-08, median retired household has seen income growth, median non-retired has seen a fall.