PM flanked by business heads for China trip

PRIME Minister David Cameron landed in China late last night, travelling with the largest trade delegation that the UK has ever sent to the country.

Hundreds of business grandees are travelling with Cameron, including his own father-in-law, Viscount Astor, who is a director of Silvergate Media. Sir Andrew Witty of GlaxoSmithKline and Ralf Speth, the chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover, are also in attendance.

Former England and Chelsea footballer Graeme Le Saux is also part of Cameron’s entourage, along with Karren Brady, who is the Conservative party’s small business ambassador.

In an article Caixin, a Chinese weekly news magazine, the Prime Minister promised that the UK will be more open to Chinese investment than any other Western country.

“We want to see China succeed. Whether it is welcoming China’s investment in our nuclear energy sector, or creating a western hub for the renminbi in the City of London, we believe that the right way forward is openness, dialogue, trade and investment; working together for mutual benefit not against each other in a zero-sum game,” he wrote.