New report hits out at costly green scheme

Suzie Neuwirth
THE DEBATE into the UK’s green plans flared up yesterday as a new report claimed that an energy efficiency scheme is set to waste £610m unless reforms are made.

Research by energy consultants EUM called for reform to the Energy Companies Obligation (Eco), a government energy-saving initiative that mandates firms to insulate their poorest customers’ homes,

The report claims the scheme uses restrictive eligibility criteria, inaccurate carbon calculations and bureaucratic regulations.

“After we have managed to find a property that actually meets the restrictive Eco criteria, up to seven forms must then be completed before any energy efficiency measures can be approved for install,” said Alex Tsimboykas, director of EUM.

“This makes the process inefficient, lengthy and costly.”

Energy companies say green levies such as Eco are a key driver in raising prices and have pledged to pass savings down to consumers if the charges are shifted away from energy bills.

An announcement on the matter is expected in next week’s Autumn Statement.